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The BCCTI Bible Institute demonstrates unwavering support for ministerial endeavors within the local church context. Central to our foundation is the belief that the Church, a divine institution ordained by God and established by Jesus Christ, is paramount. Each esteemed member of our faculty is actively engaged in a local church assembly, steadfast in their dedication to the ecclesiastical mission. With profound conviction, we extend a sincere invitation to earnest and diligent students, beckoning them to partake in our educational milieu to foster spiritual growth and purposeful discovery. Our diverse array of meticulously structured Biblical study courses enables students to progress at their individual pace, nurturing spiritual advancement in tandem with personal development. Embracing a wide spectrum of backgrounds, irrespective of ethnicity, race, or creed, our educational ethos seeks to illuminate God's design for His people, nurturing the transformational work of Christ through His Holy Spirit. The spiritual enlightenment imparted by BCCTI seamlessly equips students to serve their local church communities more effectively.

Registered as a not-for-profit religious institution within the State of New York, BCCTI operates as a Ministry incorporated and chartered with the privilege of conferring degrees and certificates of distinction to successful course completers. Distinguished by our unique course offerings not typically found in State-accredited colleges and universities, it is essential for students to acknowledge that the transferability of our degree programs to other institutions may vary. Such decisions are contingent upon the receiving institution's prerogative. Our institution's inception was exclusively designed to facilitate in-depth Biblical education through autonomous study, nurturing a cadre of Christian men and women poised to serve the Lord within their respective local church communities.

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Biblical Studies

This curriculum has been meticulously crafted to cater to individuals seeking an all-encompassing understanding of the sacred Scriptures, spanning from the initial chapters of Genesis to the climactic verses of Revelation. Should you harbor an aspiration for an extensive and profound grasp of pivotal topics including the harmonization of the Old and New Testaments, exploration of the Seven Dispensations, contemplation on the Personal Divine Life, and a diverse array of supplementary subjects destined to substantially enrich your ministerial endeavors, we earnestly invite you to formally enroll in this distinguished program. This academic pursuit spans a duration of two years, ensuring a thorough and immersive educational experience.

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This curriculum is uniquely tailored to individuals sensing a distinct vocation towards the evangelistic ministry, facilitating a comprehensive preparation for active engagement in the field while delving into the intricate facets of Evangelism. Moreover, it presents a substantial platform for comprehensive training, particularly accentuated by its emphasis on frequent speaking assignments. Students will garner proficiency in the art of becoming more impactful stewards of Christ's message. It's important to note that participation in this course does not confer the official title of Evangelist or grant authorization for immediate evangelistic endeavors. This program can be concluded within a span of one year, whereas an Advanced track, offering a more in-depth exploration, extends over a duration of two years.

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Theoretical Studies

This course of study is uniquely crafted to equip students with profound insights into the intricacies of spiritual warfare and the manifestations of malevolent forces. This course, underpinned by a commitment to illuminating the scriptural understanding of the adversary's actions and the workings of demons, addresses the pressing need for spiritual discernment amidst the juxtaposition of the carnal and the divine. Guided by the scriptural directive to "search the scriptures," participants engage in rigorous research, delving into a diverse array of subjects including the works of Satan, the Book of Enoch, angelic beings, the Trinity, occult practices, religious cults, dreams and their interpretations, spiritual gifts, and the spiritual geography embedded within the biblical narrative. Empowered by authoritative resources and under the tutelage of knowledgeable instructors, diligent students emerge adept at navigating spiritual intricacies while cultivating a heightened sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. This advanced course underscores the Institute's commitment to fostering scholastic depth and spiritual acuity within the realms of Biblical studies.


Christian Development

This instructional module is primarily tailored to individuals who are relatively new in their faith journey, having embraced Christ and seeking a more profound relationship in Him. Its central focus revolves around fostering a deeper familiarity with the Divine through scriptural exploration. Participants within this program engage in a dedicated study of the Bible, thereby acquiring spiritual discernment and revelations. Concurrently, they are equipped with a foundational comprehension of the principles underpinning the practical application of faith, particularly pertinent for those in the early stages of their spiritual pilgrimage. This instructional pursuit spans a singular year, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive learning experience.



This course is designed to equip aspiring preachers and ministers with the essential skills and insights necessary for effective and impactful sermon delivery. This course delves into the art of biblical interpretation, sermon structuring, rhetorical techniques, and the historical and cultural contexts that shape the message. Through rigorous analysis of Scripture and practical application exercises, students cultivate a profound understanding of the principles of exegesis and communication. Guided by seasoned instructors, participants refine their abilities to convey the Word of God with clarity, relevance, and theological depth. This course stands as a cornerstone for those seeking to engage congregations with eloquence, authenticity, and fidelity to the Scriptures.


Intro to the Bible

This course is an indispensable foundation for students embarking on a scholarly exploration of the sacred Scriptures. This comprehensive course introduces participants to the historical, cultural, and literary contexts that underpin the composition of the Bible. Through critical analysis, students gain a holistic understanding of the diverse genres, themes, and theological messages woven throughout the biblical text. Delving into the principles of textual criticism and hermeneutics, participants acquire the tools necessary to engage with the Bible's complexities and nuances. Under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors, students cultivate an appreciation for the historical development and significance of the biblical canon. This course serves as an inaugural step towards fostering a deeper comprehension of the biblical narrative and its enduring relevance in contemporary contexts.


Epistles of Paul / Revelations

The BCCTI Bible Institute offers a series of specialized courses focusing on distinct New Testament epistles, as part of its comprehensive Biblical Studies degree program. These meticulously designed classes delve into the intricate nuances of specific epistles, unraveling their historical context, theological themes, and literary structures. Under the tutelage of experienced scholars, students engage in profound exegesis, cultivating a deeper understanding of the epistles' theological insights and practical applications. Through rigorous textual analysis, exploration of cultural background, and critical engagement with scholarly interpretations, participants refine their exegetical skills and theological acumen. This series of courses stands as a testament to the Institute's commitment to fostering a comprehensive and scholarly grasp of the New Testament, equipping students with the profound insights requisite for their ministerial and academic endeavors.


Post-Graduate in Theology

Amidst an era where both secular educational institutions and certain religious bodies are increasingly diverging from matters of Faith, it becomes imperative for conscientious adherents to acquire the proficiency and preparation required to effectively engage with the growing tide of skepticism. Noteworthy is the undeniable surge in the pursuit of knowledge, not confined to the United States alone but echoing across the global cultural landscape. For those who discern the urgency of responding to contemporary challenges, the realization dawns that they themselves are uniquely positioned to embrace this responsibility. A comprehensive exploration awaits, encompassing the intersection of Sciences and Scriptural understanding, Comparative Religion, and the systematic foundations of Theology. Aspiring participants will find this course to be instrumental in the augmentation of their inherent ministerial aptitudes, graciously bestowed by God. Enrollment in this course is not only advocated but deemed pivotal. Spanning an additional two years beyond the foundational General Bible course, it stands poised to be a transformative trajectory of learning and growth.


Spiritual Formation

This course offers a transformative journey aimed at nurturing the holistic growth of individuals in their spiritual walk. This course delves into the profound dynamics of personal and communal spiritual development, integrating rigorous theological study with practical disciplines such as prayer, meditation, and ethical contemplation. Through a comprehensive exploration of foundational spiritual practices and historical perspectives, students are equipped to cultivate a deeper intimacy with the Divine and a heightened sense of self-awareness. Guided by experienced instructors, participants engage in reflective exercises and communal discussions that facilitate the integration of faith into daily life. Rooted in scriptural wisdom and theological insights, this course empowers individuals to navigate the complexities of their faith journey with authenticity, discernment, and a heightened commitment to spiritual growth.



The General Education Development (GED) class, a foundational offering at BCCTI Bible Institute, serves as an essential avenue for individuals seeking to fulfill the prerequisite requirements for enrollment in our esteemed Bible degree program. This course is meticulously designed to equip students with the essential academic skills and knowledge encompassing subjects such as mathematics, language arts, social studies, and science, which are pivotal for success within our rigorous theological curriculum. Through a comprehensive pedagogical approach and under the guidance of experienced educators, participants engage in a focused educational journey aimed at achieving the academic proficiency necessary to excel in our Bible degree program. The GED class stands as a stepping stone, enabling aspiring scholars to embark upon a transformative expedition in Biblical studies and theological exploration.


Intro to Computers

The courses offered are tailored to individuals seeking an introduction to fundamental computer literacy. The Beginner's Class is meticulously crafted to instruct students in essential computer operations, encompassing tasks such as computer login procedures, adept manipulation of the mouse, proficient two-handed typing, mastery of keystrokes, proficient navigation within the Microsoft Windows/Word environment, proficient document generation, adept handling of document saving and retrieval functions, as well as a comprehensive grasp of general computer competencies.


Thesis Prep

This prep class is strategically designed to equip students with the requisite skills and methodologies essential for the successful development of a scholarly thesis. Anchored in rigorous academic principles, this course guides participants through the systematic exploration of research methodologies, critical analysis of primary and secondary sources, formulation of research questions, and establishment of a cohesive theoretical framework. Under the guidance of seasoned faculty, students cultivate proficiency in sourcing, evaluating, and synthesizing diverse academic materials pertinent to their chosen thesis topic.  This course stands as a pivotal milestone in nurturing the academic rigor and intellectual depth requisite for the completion of a substantive and insightful thesis in the realm of Biblical studies.

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