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The BCCTI was envisioned over 40 years ago by Bishop Roy Bryant Sr., D.D., Founder, and President. The Lord, Jesus Christ led him to create a center of biblical learning. Our institute welcomes students from diverse backgrounds to study the Word of God. Thousands of students have received certificates from the school and have achieved their various degrees through our Bible-based program. The Institute offers several classes some of which include:  Demonology, Christian Workers, Evangelism, General Bible, Teacher's Training, Post Graduate and more.  Dr. Roy Bryant Sr's vision became a reality on November 2, 1976.

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A Dedicatory Service for the BCCTI held on March 27, 1977, and its first Commencement Service took place on July 27th of that year, which celebrated the graduation of fifteen students from the Evangelist Course. The main focus of the Institute is to help others cultivate a living relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through the accurate preaching and teaching of the Gospel.  Each member of our faculty is selected on the basis of his/her practical and academic mastery in various theological fields. The BCCTI seeks to fulfill the calling to prepare men and women of the local and extended church for lay and clergy ministries by helping them cultivate and develop the various gifts that God has bestowed upon them.  To facilitate the reality of this calling, we seek to:

  1. Encourage a spiritual, devotional, systematic study of the Bible, with special emphasis upon personal application of Biblical principles.

  2. Assist Christians (laymen and clergy) in personal divine life with their Creator and in witnessing to the world of unbelievers.

  3. Create an atmosphere of both spiritual and academic excellence forthe purpose of better equipping Christians for works of service in various fields of ministry.

We believe with these three main goals within our students, that God will continue to bless and multiply the talents and gifts of His people, after leaving BCCTI, for the continuing struggle to reach the world with the liberating message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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"Dr. Roy Bryant Sr. & Dean Alice Jones"
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