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As an institution dedicated to Biblical scholarship, the courses offered by BCCTI Bible Institute are imbued with a Christian perspective, provoking students to actively engage in spiritual formation. In this pursuit, students are encouraged to ardently seek divine inspiration that underpins their Christian journey and shapes their ministerial identity.


World Class Faculty at the Finest Facilities

Your educational endeavor entails a profound spiritual odyssey, affording you access to a cohort of erudite instructors and scholarly resources meticulously curated to facilitate the culmination of your academic pursuits. Among the amenities at your disposal are the extensive resources housed within our campus library, personalized peer tutoring, supplementary study materials, instructional tutorial videos, and dynamic live webinars.


Complete Your Bachelor's Degree in 3-4 Years

Initiate and conclude your degree trajectory expeditiously by opting for our array of expedited programs, culminating in the attainment of an associate, bachelor, or master's degree. At BCCTI, the admission process is distinguished by its omission of standardized testing requisites, ensuring a streamlined enrollment experience. Furthermore, we facilitate the seamless transfer of prior course credits, enhancing the efficiency of your academic journey.


 Affordability Without Compromise!

Numerous seminaries and Bible Institutes often entail considerable expenses; however, BCCTI distinguishes itself by maintaining cost efficiency as a nonprofit educational establishment. The nonprofit ethos encompasses more than a mere legal designation; it serves as a foundation enabling us to channel resources toward nurturing the growth of students poised to enact transformative change on a global scale.


Distance Learning is a method of studying in which lectures are broadcast or classes are conducted by correspondence over the internet (online) or e-learning, without students needing to attend a school or college. Distance learning is also called distance education. It is the physical separation of teachers and students during instruction with the use of various technologies to facilitate student-teacher and student-student communication. Below are example of the style of classes we offer:

In-Person (on campus)

Remote Learning

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